By the Reflection of What Is

On the aesthetics, performance, and “majestic wrath” of Frederick Douglass, the most-photographed American of the nineteenth century.

Source: By the Reflection of What Is
I once read people talking about Frederick Douglas failing 1500 times just to create the light bulb I feel like it took him 1500 times to come up with the biggest problem to his problem. I give two thumbs up to him because he did not fail 1500 times he succeeded 1500 cause he solve a solution that save our lives today. Just imagine what the world would be without a light bulb. No direction in it would be a unfit world. Still people don’t follow the rules and regulations to driving with safety. Just today a person almost cause me to have accident, good thing my wife was in the car with me because she pay extra attention because she was in a terrible accident that almost cause her,her life. I give all thanks to Allah (S.W.A) 4 getting us home safe


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